Reviews and Deals on the Best Laptops 2012

Top 5 Essential Features of the Best Laptops

Best Laptops 2012

The laptop is an indispensible tool for most college students. Not only do you get your reports, essays and studying done on a laptop but it also doubles as an entertainment center, so it’s vital to understand the essential features of the best laptops for college students.

The first key feature of the best buy laptops must be the processing speed. The higher the speed the faster the computer will operate. Also, as you want your investment to last right through college, buying something really fast now will pay off later.

Another really important part of the computer is the hard drive. Buying a SSD hard drive or hybrid SSD drive will dramatically help to increase the speed. A solid state hard drive (SSD) is superior then the previous versions as this hard drive acts very similar to RAM memory in terms of speed. The hard drive is the Achilles heel of the computer. The slower the drive the slower the computer is going to be overall. This is why this is such an essential item to look pay attention to.

Now if you are going to be studying or working on your computer for a long time you will need a nice big clear screen. This is essential in my opinion. There are just too many times I remember squinting at my small computer screen while in college. My eyes really suffered as a result.

college studentsAnother part of the essential features of the best laptops for college students is a long battery life. The new lithium ion battery packs provide the best performance in long life and size and weight. Always make sure you buy the longest life battery you can.

One feature that should never be neglected is the feel and comfort of the keyboard. Many laptops come with full size keyboards. Those will really help to cut down on any strain felt in the hands and wrists. If you have any courses that require a lot of writing you will thank me later for giving you this piece of advice. Also do not neglect the track pad as part of this. The track pad is what you will most likely use to help you navigate around the computer. If you can find a highly responsive track pad then you will be all set.

I believe the above to be the most essential features of the best laptops for college students. You have to take into account the type of studies you will do while in college. If you are primarily an English major then I know you will perform an awful lot of writing. While entertainment features are helpful to relive the stress of daily college live they may not be the most essential components.